Work sucks

I'm absolutely addicted to it. I'm no good at it, mind, but I can't stop playing it. Yes, it was fun on the PS2, but the XBox graphics capabilities are so much better, it looks like a different game. If you haven't, you should. Even JC plays it sometimes.

So we had HB over the other night. Met in the city for dinner at the Gulf Coast Cafe, which is one of my absolutely favorite places to eat, thencame back home to watch "Tampopo," a particularly tripped-out Japanese movie JC got me (it involves egg yolk and prawns) and played sorry and THPS3 until some 4:30 in the morning. Ugh. I just don't recover like I used to.

Today was spent at JC's dad's place over in Collinsville. It's a great house, it's just not anywhere near anything at all. Except a golf course. The directions read something like "go to the second bean field and make a right." Then you weave along this road that corners into people's driveways (?) and suddenly there's this spankin' new sub-division that looks like the last tornado ripped it up out of "beautiful downtown Ballwin" and dropped it in Collinsville. Still, they're cool jasminlive folks, so it's worth the trip to see 'em. Of course, we used to go over to their place every Sunday for dinner, when they lived some ten minutes away in Kirkwood. Ah well, they didn't ask me. And they're families are pretty much all over there anyway.

I mean it really blows. It really ought to go pro.

Sorry, had to get that out of my system. It's just been a really great company to be working for these past couple years, and I just really feel like no matter what, the company will take care of me and reward me for all the hard work and effort I've put in to it.

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's I know. Hope it was full of all the good things you're not supposed to eat, with all the people you don't get to see as often as you'd like.

Midnight madness an exceptionally crappy movie. I highly recommend it to everyone. It's not quite up to "Sleepaway Camp," but it is right there with "Conan the Barbarian."

JC is out of town--Boston--until Wednesday. Visiting her brother and her old high-school buddy. Now, I realize I just sit around and do nothing when I'm home, but I'm beginning to realize how much time I spend sitting around doing nothin--watching JC. In the course of cleaning I came across the current crochet project and actually had to catch myself from turning around and loudly suggesting that this be worked on (I like to watch people making things). I know, that's about the most pathetic thing you've ever heard. Deal.

My cat, of course, is absolutely loving this. For nearly three days now, the other one hasn't come home! I think she thinks her curses finally worked.

It occurs to me I haven't talked to HB in a while. Think I'll give her a buzz tomorrow.

I'm reading this book called "No Logo" by Naomi Klein. Very angry jasminelive woman. Interesting read though. I'll tell you all about it in excruciating detail a few days after I've finished reading it. Have to have a bit of time to let things sink in before I can give a...coherent...opinion. I can tell you right off, though: multi-national corporate bad-guy or not, Phil Knight is a damn genius. He's gotten well past insidious and well into demonic. Good stuff! (Ok, not really, but damned clever, just the same.)

I'm also re-reading the epic "Wheel of Time" series, because I'm now two books behind and it's been so long now, I just have to start over. Yes, I'm a great big dork. You knew that already. Just be glad you can't see me sitting here in my boxers and a long sleeve sweater. The image would haunt you till you're riding the mahogany Buick.

Fritos Forever!

My cat is puking

all over the living room. Not really sure why, but part of me hopes that it hurts such that whatever she got into she won't touch again. Part of me thinks that's kind of mean. She sounds like the guy upstairs plunging when she goes off. She couldn't be nice about it and confine it to the tiled kitchen floor, oh no. She's gotta spread it all over the carpet. Sigh.

Two days off in a row. I don't know what I'm going to do. That hasn't occurred since Arkansas. Okay, I'll be going to the Gypsy caravan thingy Monday, but so will bazillions of other cheap s.o.b.'s with nothing much better to do on Memorial Day than buy junk. Which I'm sure I'll do. I just hope my lack of proper funding gets in the way of my extravagence. The last thing I need is another, well, thing. Speaking of things, I'm grilling them for dinner Monday. Call me if you want to come. If you don't have my number, chances are very good I wouldn't invite you, anyway, so don't call asking. And no, the Bazolians do NOT live here.

Of course, if I would invite you and haven't, I sincerely apologize and beg your forgiveness.

Have a safe weekend!

Stinking ferrets and buck knives

So, Kat came over last night and reminded me that there was this thing called a blog that I was supposed to be using. Yes. Well. On a more positive note, she made some righteously good steak and chicken and cheesecake for us. Very yummy stuff. Ate the rest of it for dinner tonight. Will be paying dearly come morning, I'm sure.

The free sex chat computer is in the Other Room. Also in the Other Room (which is in serious jeopardy of being renamed the Oh Hell Room) is the ferret box and the cat-litter box. On opposite sides. It's like stereo death-metal for the nose. Or like what those jock strap/belt things that sumo wrestlers wear must smell like (they don't wash them...ever).

We seem to have picked up Buck knives at work. We're very proud of them. There's two at my store. They're different. They come in little orange boxes like mustard stains. I wonder if that means anything. They smell like linseed. I know when I think "I wonder where I could go to get me one o' them Buck knives?" I immediately think "I'll call the camera store! They'll have a nice selection!" I dunno. Maybe that's just me, loaded up on jelly beans...

It is much more important to know whether there will be weather than what the weather will be.

Alright then

Yeah, I've been a bad little blogger and have not posted in over two weeks. I'm simply not that exciting about

So I go down to Tuckerman, Arkansas (I hadn't heard of it either. I'm relatively certain that 10-15% of the residents haven't as well.) to help build a couple of raised flower beds for JC's grandmother. So I spent the weekend sitting on a park bench in a pickup truck, got out and shoveled for a day and a half, then driving back on a park bench in a pickup truck. I slept like the dead. All in all, it was an honest few days' labor, and paid about the same as my regular job (a bit less than Dick, but still more than Harry). The last of the nifty new blisters on my hands is currently in the process of peeling off. I'll keep it for you, if you like.

I came back to good ol' STL only to clock a 53 1/2 hour week, get a bad case of the humdrums, get caught in a vicious thunderstorm, stub my toe, jam my finger, scratch my eye, and deal with my assistant, who is crazy, gimpy, and under a lot of personal stress. I should have stayed in Arkansas.

One of the girls from the store who got something of a raw deal several weeks ago is finally breaking up with her, I hesitate to use the word, man and should have moved back to Alabama by this time. A bit high-maintenance, that one, but a good kid. It's quite amusing to see her with JC. In the kid's world-view hierarchy, there's God Almighty, then there's JC. The kid just laps it up. I hope she does ok for herself once she gets back on her feet. And cuts her hair.

Alright, I'm really hungry and I obviously have nothing good to say about anything, so y'all are just gonna hafta wait till I's done eatin fore y'all gettin innie more.

Cue the Master of Ceremonies

The end of a fiscal quarter is always a circus. There's excitement, amusement, confusion, loud noises, and a bit of healthy fear that the whole thing might not get wrapped up just the way we need it to. So, my part is done for today; I'm just waiting on Sales to inform Finance of their decision pertaining to Manufacturing so that I can communicate it from Administration to the customer.

Well, what d'ya know? I was just handed the last 3 pieces of paperwork we've been waiting on... looks like the quarter might be all wrapped up in a little pink bow. Somehow I doubt that with a whole week left to go in October. "If you think this Friday was busy, just wait until next Friday!" I was told.