Must be the Wellbutrin

I was actually looking forward to going in to work today... No, it's getting back to normal that's so comforting. The routine. There will be enough to keep me busy for a few days catching up, too. On the other end of the spectrum, my husband had this look of a guy about to walk the plank when he left the apartment this morning. There's nothing I can do to make it any easier, he says. Although, it may have helped if I'd gone to bed at a reasonable hour last night instead of staying up late like I did all week.

The PC label for Forced Vacation is a "Holiday Shutdown"

Well, it's the second day of a whole week off for me. I was all excited to get a bunch of stuff done so I wouldn't have to miss work later. Although, I'm beginning to think that my desire to be productive can be better defined as self-punishment. I had a dentist appointment yesterday for a regular cleaning, which is really worse than getting anything else done because you don't get the nitro. Then today, I got my eyes checked. The only fun part about that is picking out new frames... I can do without the invasion of my optical regions. So tomorrow, I'm treating myself to a massage and a new hair style. I'll finally look like I did in this photo again! (My hair is normally light brown and very straight... the way I wear it up in a clip with an even row of bangs makes me look 10 years younger. But the school-girl look is not the desired effect at this stage of my life.) I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Then on Friday, my mom and I will be going to one of those huge craft faires. So Saturday will be my day of rest... same as it ever was.

How would you go on.

I'd venture to say that one of the most difficult things about losing a loved one is continuing to pay those doctor bills for months after she's gone. My boss handed me a stack of envelopes to post and asked me to let him know how much he owes the company for stamps since they're personal. One after the other started to affect me... a life insurance claim, an Oncologist's bill, a Woman's Health Center bill, and others along with all the regular utility and credit card bills that she may have taken care of consistently before she got sick again. I thought it might help the healing process once he's finished dealing with all of that. Then again, it might be equally as sad because it's one more part of her that's gone... the doctor appointments... caring for her... being with her. I would feel like an empty shell for a long time after that.

I just finished unloading an entire palette of sodas, paper and other stuff from Costco. The engineers in back brought me the packing slip/receipt and I wasn't concerned about signing it because I knew we had the same delivery driver... he knew exactly where to take our order. He usually unloads the stuff all neatly and takes the palette, but this time he left it all shrink-wrapped together.

The Costco customer service people said they've been really busy this week: "I feel bad for the drivers because we're giving them so many orders per day." I totally understood and later realized it probably has a lot to do with Thanksgiving week coming up. After all, that's precisely why I was stocking up for our company.

So, I cheerfully started unloading the stuff... feeling good about helping out the Costco people. After 3 trips with a cart of stuff, it began to feel like a workout. I'm still glad I was able to take care of it... my only problem was returning to the front desk all sweaty and red in the face. It took about 10 minutes to get back to normal. Now the guy just has to pick up the big palette.